Our Strategic Roadmap

Our Strategic Roadmap

With COVID-19 in the background and the hardships that we witness, we ask: how does our corporate vision guide our actions? We are DOUBLING down our focus on our customers, our employees, and our industry.

Customers – We do whatever we can to help you succeed. We are here for you!

  • We are making check-in calls with our customers to listen, to understand, and to help.
  • Our culture of Continuous Improvement has created efficiency which will allow us to provide better programs for our customers. We will do more – stay tuned for new announcements!
  • We are working extremely hard to minimize any negative impacts on our customers, even though our supply chain is disrupted.

Employees – Your health and safety are our priority and flexibility is crucial!

  • Protecting our employees’ health and safety is our number one priority. All office members are working from home; our warehouse and engraving team members are rotating shifts – and wearing protective gear.
  • We support each other with empathy, patience, and understanding as our work environment now is different. Our family lives, kids, and home office settings are making the level playing field very difficult.
  • We trust our employees and give them total flexibility while working from home.
  • We are embracing the new normal together and are doing our best to make it light. We recently started an employee cookbook – easy, simple and tasty recipes contributed by our employees. We have many more ideas to come!

Our Industry – Monetary support and creative ways to help are our focus!

  • We have allocated special funds to help the industry during this pandemic
    • We started by donating to the Funeral Service Foundation, they are doing amazing work for the industry! https://www.funeralservicefoundation.org/
    • We’ve been working through our supply network to help source PPEs and just placed our order for FDA-certified FFP2 masks. We expect them to arrive in a few weeks (crossing our fingers as there is a risk with this purchase). We hope that our connections work out so that we have a pipeline to go to for more masks if needed.
  • We are just getting started – we’re continuing to evaluate how else we can help.

We know this is the minimum we can do to live up to Our Vision: Leading with Greatness.