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This website is administered by Terrybear Urns & Memorials. The primary purpose of is to be a dynamic resource and business tool to help you gain information about our company and resources about the industries we serve. We want you to feel secure when visiting our site and are committed to maintaining your privacy when doing so.

The following provides an overview of how we protect your privacy during your visit.

What information do we gather?

Information on is gathered in two ways: (1) indirectly through our site's technology and (2) directly when you provide information on various pages of

One example of information we collect indirectly is through our Internet access logs. When you access, your Internet address is automatically collected and is placed in our Internet access logs.

We collect information directly from you in a number of ways, some of which we describe in this Privacy Statement. One way we collect this information is simply through your computers IP address. Each computer is assigned an IP address on the Internet, it acts as an identification number. This number is tracked throughout your visit to our website and is automatically logged in our Internet access logs. These logs are reviewed from time to time by Terrybear Urns & Memorials to gain valuable insight into the types of visitors we see frequenting our website or to get general marketing information such as hit counts and Internet traffic trends. No information that is collected in this fashion is in any way personal information.

We also collect information when you voluntarily submit it to us. Throughout our site, we provide the opportunity to submit requests online, send us feedback about our website and services and place orders. When we collect this type of information, the page you are being asked to submit this information from should give you an idea as to why we are asking for information and how this information will be used. It is completely up to you whether or not you want to provide it.

How do we use this information?

We analyze it to determine what is most effective about our site, to help us identify ways to improve it, and eventually, to determine how we can tailor to make it more effective. We also use this information for marketing purposes to determine website traffic and "hot" pages on

Will we share this with outside parties?

We will not sell individual information and will share it only with our technical advisors when the need arises and again, before you submit any information, it should be apparent to you as to why we are asking for specific information and it is completely up to you whether or not you want to provide it.

What about sensitive personal data?

We do not generally seek to collect sensitive personal data through this site. If we do seek to collect such data, we will ask you to consent to our proposed uses of the data. We may also collect some sensitive personal data incidentally. By providing us with unsolicited sensitive personal data, you consent to our using the data subject to applicable law as described in this Privacy Statement.

Terrybear Urns is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store the personal information you provide on computer servers with limited access that are located in facilities and offices under our immediate control. Additionally, when we transmit sensitive personal information (such as a credit card number) over the Internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Do we give you access to your information?

You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. You can do this by sending an email to the address found below and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate parties.

What about data security?

We take appropriate steps to maintain the security of your data on You should understand that the open nature of the Internet is such that data may flow over networks without security measures and may be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended.

If you need more legal information about the use of our website, email us at and we will respond to you as appropriate.