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Families are selecting cremation over traditional burial for many reasons including financial and environmental considerations. Similar to burial, there are several important decisions families should consider including the type of urn and matching keepsake urns to purchase. Terrybear® Urns and Keepsake Memorials are distributed through a network of national and regional distributors and are available at funeral homes throughout the United States.

The Nature of Handcrafted Terrybear® Urns & Memorials

Terrybear Urns® designs beautiful and affordable urns that funeral industry professionals have come to know and appreciate. The handcrafting processes of two of our most popular product lines are summarized below.

Brass Urns -

  • Each urn is crafted by hand using a sand-casting process that is hundreds of years old.
  • Most urns are constructed with a minimum of three separate brass parts that are cast and welded together by hand.
  • Depending on the design, an urn may go through as many as seven processes before inspection and packaging.
  • In each process, the urns are individually handled; there is no mass production.

Cloisonné Urns -

  • Each urn is crafted by hand using a comprehensive and sophisticated process involving hammering of copper pieces to form the shapes.
  • Copper filigree is used to form delicate floral patterns and enamel is used to fill and develop rich shades of color.
  • Cloisonné urns are gilded in gold to add elegance, and several high temperature heat processes are involved in creating these beautiful cremation urns.

Handcrafting Terrybear® urns is, in most cases, a family business that has been handed down for many generations. Each urn will have its own uniqueness and minor variations in color, finish and engraved pattern - no two Terrybear® urns are exactly alike!

About Terrybear® Urns & Memorials

Terrybear is the leading source for beautiful, handcrafted cremation urns and memorials. Since 1983, Terrybear has established worldwide manufacturing capabilities in order to provide you with the best designs and best pricing for our urns.

In 1994, Terrybear Urns & Memorials recognized and responded to a death-care industry need and began designing and manufacturing beautiful handcrafted, affordable cremation urns. Distributors, funeral homes, families, and pet owners recognize and trust the Terrybear name. To pet owners, our name stands for urns of quality, beauty, and value. To our customers, the Terrybear name means professional and courteous customer service.

Terrybear offers a wide range of handcrafted urns in various shapes, finishes, and sizes, including keepsake urns. We also offer private label, or custom urns, to the industry and all of our urn designs are protected by United States and Canadian copyrights and/or patents.

Terrybear continually invests in new urn designs, quality improvements and technology. Today, we continue to produce great urns utilizing progressive materials and designs. Of course, all new products support our mission of quality, beauty and affordability.

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