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        Height:     1.4" Width:   1.2" Depth:    .30"   Capacity: Nominal

        Made of Stainless Steel
        Bronze is 14K gold plated 14K

        This companion collection features a glass front, hinged design with a magnetic
        closure and has two cremated remains compartments located on the back. Each
        piece is made of 316 stainless steel and is available in 14K gold plated (bronze) or
        stainless (pewter) finish. All pendants come with a matching 19" chain; 24" chains
        are available separately.

                          P  14K                                      P  14K
                         Bronze Tree                                 Bronze Photo                           Personalization
                         Companion                                   Companion
                         J5020                                       J5022
                                                                                                             Our  designers  can  engrave  the  back  of  the
                                                                                                             pendants as shown. Please note the engraving
                                                                                                             specifications: Raleway font only with a two
                                                                                                             line, 20 character limit per line.
                                              P                                           P
                                             Pewter Tree                                 Pewter Photo
                                             Companion                                   Companion
                                             J5060                                       J5062

        All designs © 1994-2019 Terrybear, Inc. Heart Keepsakes are patent protected. Terrybear and Memory of a Lifetime are registered trademarks of Terrybear, Inc.   Cremation Jewelry  •  5
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